Welcome to the Witney Constituency Labour Party, providing information on Labour party activities throughout West Oxfordshire. 

Eve Coles presentation

Eve Coles, Town and District Councillor for Chipping Norton was presented with an award “In recognition of long and outstanding service to the Labour Party.” The citation refers not only to her dedication as councillor but to her work with the ACE Centre, Age UK and the Trade Union Movement. Local Party members & Chair, Chris Johnson, are shown applauding the award at the Chipping Norton Christmas dinner.

LABSE14 - CLP award 

Witney CLP received the award for best campaigning party in the SE Region.

The award was presented by Rt Hon John Denham MP to CLP representatives Councillor Duncan Enright, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, and Liz Blount, CLP Secretary (Feb 2014).


All District Councillors in Chipping Norton are now members of the Labour Party!

Laetisia Carter was elected on 22 May 2014, joining long-standing councillor, Eve Coles and Geoff Saul, elected in November 2013.

This means that Labour now has 5 District Councillors in West Oxfordshire and has become the official opposition


Success in Oxfordshire County Council Elections 2013!

LAURA PRICE  won for Labour and Cooperative in Witney South and Central on May 2nd. This is the first time in 8 years we have had a Labour County Councillor to represent Witney, Laura will be a great councillor for the people in her division, and a great representative for Labour, Cooperative, and the values we all share.  The victory marks another great success for Labour in West Oxfordshire following the three seats gained on the District Council in May 2012.

For more details of Labours successes across the County in the 2013 elections see the OCC website.




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