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Council Democracy

We are concerned that the Conservative's Vision 2020 programme will negatively impact on staff morale and the District Council's ability to innovate in response to local need. We are at risk of becoming a zombie district, or clone authority, providing the minimum locally and shorn of expertise. By looking only at costs, the Conservative approach loses sight of the value we can offer, or what more we can do to make our communities fairer, stronger and more vibrant.

What West Oxfordshire Labour Will Do

Insist staff are represented in new structures, so their voice and experience is heard (including trade union recognition).

Apply a “West Oxon First and Last” test to changes and to shared services; checking that the council is more and not less capable to meet the needs of the district.

Insist on joint working with other public bodies who share our focus, in particular Oxfordshire authorities and local resident groups.

Scrutinise budgets and financial reports to make sure we are not leaking money to other districts in the shared service, and vice versa.

Conduct annual surveys to measure the effectiveness, and in particular the sense of local responsiveness, of our services, staff and management. This includes asking all staff anonymously.

Absolutely oppose any privatisation, and promote rules to prevent any future sale of council assets or service teams.

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