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Health & Welfare

The NHS is on the brink, thanks to “reforms” and cuts by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in coalition. At the same time we are all more at danger from lifestyles threatening our mental and physical health. The Conservatives have underspent the meagre public health improvement budget and show no imagination when it comes to giving us all a chance to live healthier lives. At the same time, crime is on the increase for the first time in a generation, thanks in part to deep cuts in our police service.

6 Things West Oxfordshire Labour Will Do

Download our Manifesto to see all of our pledges for Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Fight, fight and fight again to stop closures like the Deer Park Medical Centre and threats to other services in our district.

Work in close partnership with the County Council to develop and safeguard local social care.

Improve the health of people living within district, to reduce demand on medical services and improve quality of life.

Tackle air pollution in parts of Witney and Chipping Norton (see plan for more electric / hybrid vehicles above and use the local plan to reduce traffic congestion that causes it).

Improve leisure, fitness and sports facilities throughout the area, making them accessible to all (i.e. not excluding those on low incomes, and ensuring attractive and varied provision).

Invest in new leisure facilities, including promoting outdoor and informal opportunities, alongside schools, parish and town councils, and the NHS.

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