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A snapshot last August showed 8 families in emergency accommodation, often far from friends, schools and support. The cost in one year, 2016-17, of emergency accommodation was more than £65,000; almost 100 homeless applications were made to the council. We know over the last few months the problem has got far worse. Rough sleeping in Witney is now commonplace, and it is visible everywhere in Oxford where many of our homeless former residents go. Exploitation and violence, alongside addiction and mental health issues, are rife.

What West Oxfordshire Labour Will Do

Simply, we will end rough sleeping and waits for emergency accommodation in West Oxfordshire and work with Oxford to contribute to a county - and countrywide solution..

Buying or renting homes so the council provides emergency accommodation directly.

Publicise the Streetlink website to alert authorities promptly to homelessness

Develop a twelve-point plan so residents can help homeless people, as done by Oxford City Council 

Work with housing providers and landlords, and advice agencies, to cut evictions to a minimum

Train volunteers to report rough sleeping and talk with homeless people. 

Enter into a strategic partnership with NHS, charities and campaigners to tackle underlying issues.

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