Adam Ingram in Chippy

Adam Ingram, former Labour MP for East Kilbride and Defence and NI Minister, stopped by to support Geoff Saul’s campaign in Chipping Norton on Saturday 1 April.  He’s seen here (3rd from left) with Cllr Geoff Saul and other campaigners supporting his campaign for the restoration of a tip and refuse facility in the Chipping Norton area.

Saturday’s street stall featured the Chippy Labour Spring Newsletter highlighting Geoff’s key priorities for the Chipping Norton Division, together with the results of last year’s survey asking what the most important issues were for residents – a replacement for the Dean Pit refuse tip, closed by the Tories, was top of the list.

Then there’s the lack of affordable housing, cuts to funding for day centres for children and the elderly, traffic problems, shortage of parking, reduced bus services – the list seems endless.  But Cllr Saul says “It doesn’t have to be like this”.