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The Carterton Team:

Carterton has three District Council seats up for election in May.  Together we are committed to bringing a buzz back to Carterton Town Centre and to supporting the development of local businesses.

Carterton has always had potential - the second biggest town in West Oxfordshire, a close knit community, and proud home to the largest airbase in the country. But in recent years it has been taken for granted by local politicians more focused on fighting amongst themselves than for the people they represent. We want to work together to improve the local infrastructure, support local businesses and to bring a buzz back to the town. 

* Fix the potholes! - The state of our roads is abysmal! We want council reserves spent on fixing them.

* Reinstall bus links - We want to explore a community bus link between Carterton and Swindon.

* Improve the Town Centre - Bring a buzz to the town centre, improve the market, attract new restaurants and help local shops. 

* Support local businesses - Too many businesses are being priced out of Carterton while councillors appear to do nothing. 

* Be open and transparent - We will be completely transparent about all financial matters and will hold regular surgeries for residents.

Calvert McGibbon
Carterton North East

I am a local teacher of psychology and sociology and will support and work with Carterton’s schools to lobby and encourage adequate funding for this vital service. I am also committed to improving the availability of both social and affordable housing.

Dave Wesson
Carterton North West

As a local Town Councillor who has lived in Carterton all my life I know exactly what it is capable of. I want to bring life back to the town, improve the market and help attract new restaurants. 

Simon Adderley
Carterton South

I am a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Oxford Brookes University and I can see the potential that Carterton has.  For too long it has played second fiddle to Witney and as your local councillor I am committed to making sure that it recieves the development it deserves.

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