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Latest on NHS campaign

This Saturday Chipping Norton Labour Party will return their campaigning focus back onto defending local NHS services.  We support the CN Hospital Action Group.

Our three demands on the petition to Oxon CCG initiated by Cllr Geoff Saul are:-

  • Keep open the Maternity Unit at Chipping Norton Hospital
  • Retain A&E and Obstetric Services at the Horton General Hospital
  • Return the 14 Intermediate Care beds and nurses at Chipping Norton Hospital to the NHS

Cllr Geoff Saul will lead campaigners to:-

  • continue to collect signatures on the petition
  • give out the Labour Party national NHS leaflet
  • engage with residents to get them to vote for Geoff on 4 May and encourage supporters to actively join in Geoff’s campaign to Save Maternity and other services at Chipping Norton Hospital and the Horton General in Banbury.

The campaign stall will run as usual from set-up at 09.00 to 12.30 with a group photo call with Geoff and as many members and supporters as possible at 11.30 am.

We are liaising with UNISON Oxon Health Services Branch to approach their members living in the Chipping Norton and Villages Division ‎to encourage them to come and join us – some are Labour Party members or supporters who want to help Geoff in his campaign to save NHS services in the area.

Geoff will be joined by UNISON Oxon Health NHS Foundation Trust Convenor, Sharon Akers.  Sharon is a clinical nurse specialist who lives in Chipping Norton and is supporting Cllr Saul in his bid to become County Councillor for the Chipping Norton Division.

For further information please contact:- Geoff Saul 01608 648022 or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers 07903 870695

Fight to save Maternity Unit

The campaign to save the Cotswold Maternity Unit and other local NHS services has received prominent coverage in the Cotswold Journal.

Front page of the Cotswold Journal, Thursday March 9 2017

In the picture above right, Cllr Saul is seen talking to local residents, with (left to right) Andrew Hornung, Cllr Eve Coles and Sarah Church.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Long standing Chipping Norton town councillor Eve Coles and West Oxon district councillor Geoff Saul were joined by Labour Party members from Chipping Norton, Church Enstone and Shrivenham to campaign against health cuts in the area.

Cllr Saul said: “Residents particularly do not want to lose the maternity unit as the town has a long tradition of having a maternity unit in the town, to lose it would be a great shame.  It is an exceptionally well run unit.”

You can read the full piece on the Cotswold Journal website .


Budget Protest in Chipping Norton

Campaigners continued their protests against the Tories’ disastrous Spring Budget in Chipping Norton Market Place on Saturday 18 March, headed by Cllr Geoff Saul, who is standing for Labour in the Chipping Norton and Villages Division in the County Council Elections on 4 May.  The campaign was covered by the Oxford Mail in an article which you can read here.
Steve Akers and residents Mr and Mrs Keyzor with Cllr Geoff Saul
Labour Town Cllr David Heyes; Cllr Geoff Saul; Aaron Miles; Colin Keyzor and Steve Akers







Cllr Geoff Saul with Aaron Miles and Rebecca Nelder signing the Labour Party national petition backing Labour’s plan for a Fair Economy
Steve Akers; Cllr Laetisia Carter; Cllr Geoff Saul; Aaron Miles; Rebecca Nelder








For further information please contact:- Geoff Saul 01608 648022 or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers 07903 870695

Labour In(n) Salford

Labour District Councillor Geoff Saul, raising a glass to the success of the refurbished and re-opened Salford Inn, near Chipping Norton on Saturday afternoon, 11 March.  Geoff enjoyed a pint with Labour supporters (and canine friend) at the Inn after touring the village and speaking with residents.  “The biggest concerns we found on the doorstep were over local NHS services – both the downgrading of services at the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, and the loss of beds and nurses from the NHS at Chipping Norton War Memorial Community Hospital”, said Cllr Saul “this a big concern in this very rural community, which is a long way from services in Oxford.  We also found no one in favour of a Unitary Authority for Oxfordshire.  Everyone we spoke to wanted to stay in and retain a West Oxon Council area with its own identity”.

Cllr Saul was on a tour of the village to listen to residents’ issues and concerns in the run-up to this year’s County Council elections on 4 May.  “Residents, especially our supporters, were pleased to see us”, Cllr Saul added.  “People told us that no one from any political party had knocked their doors for at least 12 years!”.  Salford is 1.5 miles (2.4 km) west of Chipping Norton, one of the highest and furthest points in NW Oxfordshire near the Gloucestershire border.  It is 23 miles from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Pictured L-R are John Gittings, Sharon Akers, Cllr Geoff Saul and Mike Cahill (CNLP Branch Secretary).

For further information, comment or interviews, please contact:- Geoff Saul on 01608 648022 or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers on 07903 870695

Chipping Norton Budget Protest

Labour members and supporters from Over Norton, Shipton Under Wychwood, Ascot Under Wychwood, Little Tew and Chipping Norton joined Cllr Geoff Saul today in Chipping Norton Market Square to protest against there being no new money to address the national crisis in the NHS.  “Six million people earn less than the living wage and four million children are in poverty.  Labour will deliver a fair tax system, making the richest in society and global business pay their fair share” said Cllr Saul.  “The NHS and social care will be given the real level of funding needed”.  Shoppers signed up to Labour’s plan for an economy that’s fair for everyone at  ‎ Pictured L-R are:- Steve Akers, Sian O’Neill, Cllr Geoff Saul, Sue Richards, Sarah Poynting, and John Gittings.

For further information, comment or interviews, please contact Geoff Saul (w) 01608 648022 or ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers 07903 870695.

NHS Campaigns in Chippy and Witney

Chipping Norton Labour Councillors and members were out petitioning again today ‎in Chipping Norton in defence of NHS services at Chipping Norton Community Hospital and the Horton General Hospital, Banbury.  Long standing Town Councillor Eve Coles and West Oxon District Councillor Geoff Saul were joined by Labour Party members from Chipping Norton, Church Enstone and Shrivenham.Click for larger view  Over 250 people have now signed the petition to Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.  “We had very strong backing from the public today” said Cllr Geoff Saul, “Chippy residents are totally opposed to the loss of any further NHS services from our town, as is threatened in the consultation documents from the CCG.  There was especially strong support for keeping the Cotswold Maternity Unit at Chipping Norton Hospital”.

Pictured from L to R are:- Chipping Norton residents talking with Cllr Saul after signing the petition; Cllr Geoff Saul; Andrew Hornung; Sarah Church and Cllr Eve Coles (under gazebo).

For further information please contact:- Geoff Saul on (home) 01608 646621; (work) 01608 648022; or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg

There was a Labour Party presence in Witney, too, where CLP Chair Chris Johnson headed a team holding a “Save Our NHS” street stall in the market square.  In the pictures below he’s joined by Trevor License (candidate for Witney North and East in the coming County Council elections) and long-time member and former District Councillor Richard Kelsall.

Chippy Hospital Campaign

Members of Chipping Norton Labour Party were campaigning on Saturday 11 February in defence of NHS services at Chipping Norton Community Hospital and the Horton General Hospital, Banbury.  Hundreds of residents signed the petition, which is to go to Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.
Left to right are:- Colin Keyzor; Cllr Geoff Saul; Sharon Akers; Aaaron Miles and Sian O’Neill
Councillor Geoff Saul is pictured collecting signatures on the petition



     For further information please contact:- Cllr Geoff Saul, 01608 648022,
or Steve Akers, 07903 870695 or 01608 645692

Update from Cllr Andrew Coles

Week beginning Sun 30th Nov

• Spent a morning travelling as a passenger on the first day of the newly restored Witney Town Service bus routes. Chatted to passengers and listened to their thoughts and hopes for the new service.
• Did a few hours voluntary work for the RSPB in Witney. The RSPB is Britain’s (and Europe’s) largest wildlife conservation charity.
• Helped out at the Witney Christmas Light switch-on by stewarding and manning a road closure barrier with the Round Table & Rotary Club.
• Called in at Witney Branch Labour Party fundraising coffee morning.
• Kept up to date with phone calls and emails received during the week.

Update from Cllr Laura Price

Last week was a mixed one for me and unfortunately included a family funeral in Doncaster, so apologies for missing out on my usual update. The week ended on a positive note, with a drop-in surgery alongside District Cllr Andrew Coles and District candidate Kate Walsh – we had a steady stream of visitors and a range of issues to take forward.

This week I only have one meeting in County Hall so it will be good to catch up on emails and chase outstanding issues.

I’m currently preparing a briefing paper on pay and conditions for domiciliary care staff working for agencies commissioned by OCC – this is a difficult area to unpick as OCC pay the agency an hourly rate but don’t have to disclose how that translates to staff pay. I’d be happy to circulate this to interested members.

I’ll also be preparing a speech for full council next week in response to a motion from Conservative Cllr Richard Langridge . Obviously it’s good that the local Conservatives have come around to our way of thinking on Shores Green, but I won’t be missing the opportunity to point out that Richard Langridge and the Conservative Group put forward a wrecking amendment to the motion from Labour Group earlier this summer on the same issue.

On Wednesday I’ll be meeting with County Labour Group to prepare for Full Council where changes to Cllr remuneration will be on the agenda. I will update members on the outcome of Group discussions but my personal opinion is that at a time of pay freezes and staff cuts any increase to Cllr allowances is totally unacceptable. If OCC really wants to make council more diverse it needs to look at wider action than simply increasing allowances.

On Saturday I will be helping with a stall to promote the Oxfordshire Credit Union in West Oxfordshire (more volunteers welcome!) and then popping into the CLP coffee morning where it will be nice to see some of you and catch up.