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Laetisia Carter To Fight Witney Seat

Chippy’s very own Laetisia Carter has been chosen as the Labour Party candidate for the Witney Constituency in the General Election on 8 June.

Laetisia is a West Oxfordshire District Councillor for Chipping Norton and is Deputy Leader of the Labour Group on WODC.

She was the Labour ‎candidate for the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, where she won plaudits from many, including her Conservative opponent, for the vibrancy and professionalism of her campaign.

“I am thrilled to have been selecte‎d as Labour’s candidate” said Cllr Carter, “it would be a huge privilege to represent the people of West Oxfordshire at a national level.  I was born, raised and educated in West Oxon and love this area.”

“I will be a prominent, energetic MP and ensure a strong voice for West Oxfordshire. As a mother of two young children I feel I understand the struggles that local families face” she said.  “The Lib Dem and Conservative coalition did great damage.  Under this Government it is getting worse.  Labour has costed plans to invest in the skils, health and future of everyone – for the many, not the few.”

Laetisia’s campaign has got off to a flying start and she will be out campaigning this Saturday in the centre of Chipping Norton and Witney.  She will be at a group photocall at 10am this Saturday in Chipping Norton at the Labour Campaign Stall before heading off to join supporters in Witney.

Laetisia is a seasoned campaigner who has fought against the cuts to public services, especially the NHS and our Children’s Centres.  She has thirteen years of public service experience, having worked in both the NHS and for Thames Valley Police.

For further comment or interviews please contact:  Cllr Laetisia Carter on 07809 876686 or Merilyn Davies, Witney CLP Press Officer, on 07966 796178 or Steve Akers, CNLP Campaigns & Media, on 07903 870695

Laura’s Convincing Win

Congratulations once again to Cllr Laura Price, who held her County Council seat for Witney South and Central with 46% of the vote, compared with 41% for the Conservative candidate.  The remaining 13% of the vote was shared between the Green Party and the Lib Dems. A boost was given to Laura’s campaign by the visit to Witney of Jeremy Corbyn, who tweeted:

For a larger view of this picture, go to the Local Elections page.

Chippy County Council Election Result

“Whilst we are disappointed not to have won, this is a very creditable result for Labour in the Chipping Norton Division” said Steve Akers, Vice-Chair of CNLP and campaign co-ordinator for the Labour & Co-operative candidate Cllr Geoff Saul, ‎ “we came a strong second and have cut the Tory majority by over 130 votes to just 404 compared to the result in May 2013.  We are now very well placed to increase our vote share in the future and we believe this is a seat which we really can win – whenever the next County election is called.”
“We have also firmly seen off a Lib Dem ch‎allenge which was purely based on the Witney Constituency result in October 2016 in the by-election forced by David Cameron’s resignation.  They have no elected representatives or presence in Chipping Norton and came a poor third, well behind Labour and the Conservatives”.  He added,  “Cllr Saul is an extremely hard working Councillor  and advocate for Chipping Norton within West Oxfordshire and beyond.  He has increased his vote share in every election he has contested in Chipping Norton.  He fought a very positive campaign on the issues that matter for residents in Chipping Norton and the surrounding villages.  We thank everyone who has given their support to Geoff and voted for him yesterday”
The Labour Vote went up by ‎320 from 911 in 2013, to 1,231 on 4 May 2017.  Labour was second with 1,231.
The Chipping Norton Division covers Chipping Norton, Chastleton, Cornwell, Enstone, Heythrop, Kingham, Gagingwell, Lidstone, Over Norton, The Rollrights, Salford, Swerford, and The Tews.  It had formerly been a County Council seat held by Labour before boundary changes, which led to surrounding villages and hamlets, and the market town of Chipping Norton, which has a strong Labour and Co-opertive tradition, becoming the Chipping Norton Division County Council seat.
For further information please contact: Geoff Saul 01608 648022 or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers, Vice Chair CNLP on 07903 870695

Elsa for Eynsham

County Council candidate Elsa Dawson held a street stall in Eynsham Market Square on Saturday (April 29th)


She’s seen here with her daughter Elisa and some of her supporters. Thanks to Geoff Webster for the photo.
And here are two representatives of the next generation – Erin and Leo, in the arms of their parents, Robin and Anna.


NHS Cuts – Over Norton Residents’ Concern

The Chippy Labour Team were out with Cllr Geoff Saul this morning (Sunday) in Over Norton – pictured at the iconic memorial on The Green in the centre of the village.

Geoff ‎found widespread opposition to NHS cuts at the Horton and the threats to Chipping Norton Hospital.

“We also found no support for a Unitary Authority for Oxfordshire – in fact we have found no support for this on the doorstep at all since we began our campaign in January” said Cllr Saul.

Labour supporters pledged to come out and vote for Geoff on 4 May and vote for change to end the Conservative control of County Hall.

Labour in the Community

Trevor License, the Labour candidate for Witney North and East in the County Council elections on May 4th, has been busy giving practical help where it’s needed.

Here he is:

  • at Broadhill Preschool, where he helped to clear the site of debris left behind by a builder;
  • cutting back trees and bushes following complaints that the job hadn’t been done by the council;
  • and preparing for a “secret Santa” run with just some of the masses of presents donated via social media following an appeal set up by Cllr Laura Price and Trevor to help struggling families.

And of course Trevor was at the Trump protest in Witney on January 30th, organised by member Patty Dohle.

“Always ready to help out and get involved in both local and national issues”

Campaigning in Stoke Central

Chipping Norton Labour Party Vice-Chair Steve Akers and members Sue Richards and Aaron Miles were in Stoke On Trent Central today joining hundreds of volunteers from all over the country to support Labour candidate Gareth Snell.
They are pictured at the LP Campaign HQ in Hanley with Mr Snell, and with Labour’s Shadow Minister for Defence and Foreign Affairs, Fabian Hamilton MP (Leeds North East), before heading out to talk to voters.



Steve Akers said, “We were proud to be in Stoke today supporting Gareth’s bid to become the next MP for this City with its fantastic industrial and cultural heritage.  On the doorstep we found Labour’s passionate defence of the NHS, and our call for urgent investment to end the current crisis in the health and social care system, to be cutting through with undecided voters”.
For more information contact Steve Akers on 07903 870695 or 01608 645692

Labour holds council seats in Oldham and Dudley

Labour held the two seats it was defending in yesterday’s council by-elections.  In Failsworth East, Oldham, in spite of a 7.3 point drop, their share of the vote was 58.4 per cent. The Conservatives came second with 25.4 per cent, and UKIP third with 11.7 per cent.  In St Thomas’s, Dudley, Labour held the seat with a slight increase of 3.4 points, to 60.8 per cent of the vote.  UKIP came a distant second with 26.7 per cent, and the Tories third with 10.3 per cent.

To see the full results in all six wards being contested go to the LabourList website.

New Leader

From Chris Johnson, Chair of Witney CLP

I’m sure that amongst local members and supporters as in the party nationally there will be a range of feelings and reactions to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as our leader.  Some will be enthused by the prospect of a more radical agenda for the party to pursue and put to the public, others out of sympathy with the apparent agenda, and some fearful of the effect of a shift to the left on the party’s ability to win elections – and all of us know the onslaught the overwhelmingly Tory supporting press is going to unleash.  I want to argue that none of us should leap to early judgements.

I have said at previous meetings that Jeremy Corbyn’s policy positions are not extreme, but represent elements of mainstream thinking in this country.  His alternative approach to reducing the deficit has support from many professional economists; his aim of  encouraging British companies to focus more on the long term and less on immediate profit margins is widely shared (see much of Will Hutton’s recent output).  Tackling inequality is surely common ground for us all (and even the governor of the Bank of England and the head of the IMF agree that current levels in this country are damaging and unsustainable).  And bringing the railways and energy companies into some form of public ownership have wide support.  There is of course room for debate about how these things can be best achieved – and I’m sure we will be having that debate, vigorously, over the coming months.

I am determined that the party locally will continue to welcome all strands of opinion within the party, and will encourage debate which is lively, and respectful of different viewpoints.  Only by working together can we have any chance of limiting the damage this Conservative government is doing to our country.

If you have joined recently, whether as a member, affiliate or registered supporter – I very much hope you will stay with us, and work together on our campaigns, locally and nationally.

With all good wishes,


PS: this blog from Duncan Enright on the new leadership is well worth a read:

And if you haven’t already seen it, Jeremy Corbyn  has set out his approach in an article in the Observer: