Chippy County Council Election Result

“Whilst we are disappointed not to have won, this is a very creditable result for Labour in the Chipping Norton Division” said Steve Akers, Vice-Chair of CNLP and campaign co-ordinator for the Labour & Co-operative candidate Cllr Geoff Saul, ‎ “we came a strong second and have cut the Tory majority by over 130 votes to just 404 compared to the result in May 2013.  We are now very well placed to increase our vote share in the future and we believe this is a seat which we really can win – whenever the next County election is called.”
“We have also firmly seen off a Lib Dem ch‎allenge which was purely based on the Witney Constituency result in October 2016 in the by-election forced by David Cameron’s resignation.  They have no elected representatives or presence in Chipping Norton and came a poor third, well behind Labour and the Conservatives”.  He added,  “Cllr Saul is an extremely hard working Councillor  and advocate for Chipping Norton within West Oxfordshire and beyond.  He has increased his vote share in every election he has contested in Chipping Norton.  He fought a very positive campaign on the issues that matter for residents in Chipping Norton and the surrounding villages.  We thank everyone who has given their support to Geoff and voted for him yesterday”
The Labour Vote went up by ‎320 from 911 in 2013, to 1,231 on 4 May 2017.  Labour was second with 1,231.
The Chipping Norton Division covers Chipping Norton, Chastleton, Cornwell, Enstone, Heythrop, Kingham, Gagingwell, Lidstone, Over Norton, The Rollrights, Salford, Swerford, and The Tews.  It had formerly been a County Council seat held by Labour before boundary changes, which led to surrounding villages and hamlets, and the market town of Chipping Norton, which has a strong Labour and Co-opertive tradition, becoming the Chipping Norton Division County Council seat.
For further information please contact: Geoff Saul 01608 648022 or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers, Vice Chair CNLP on 07903 870695