County Council Elections 2017

On election day, May 4th, Jeremy Corbyn came to Witney to support Cllr Laura Price in her campaign to hold her County Council seat for Witney South and Central.  Here he is in the Como Lounge, surrounded by some of the supporters who packed the room.








Laura was successful – hers was the only win, though Geoff Saul came within 404 votes of the Conservative, with Andy Graham getting less than half of Geoff’s 1,231 votes – so much for the Lib Dem “two horse race” claim.  Elsa Dawson (Eynsham) was understandably disappointed, as was clear from her Facebook post below; but she was a good candidate, and we hope she will pick herself up, dust herself down … etc.


Here are summaries of the results, taken from the Council’s website (click to enlarge):