Elsa Dawson

Elsa Dawson has lived in Eynsham since 1999, and has ancestral links with this part of Oxfordshire.  She believes passionately in social justice and equality for all, and worked for Oxfam and Save the Children to put her ideals into practice.  Bringing up her special needs daughter has taught her much about the way local health and education services work, and the importance of safe environments for vulnerable people, such as those living with disabilities.  She now intends to apply this learning to working towards equal access for all to the support they need to guarantee their wellbeing.


5 priorities for my division – Eynsham, Sutton, Stanton Harcourt, Standlake, Northmoor, Aston:

  • Housing: Affordable and eco-friendly homes for young people and those on low incomes
  • Health and education: Local access to adequate services
  • Transport: Improving cycle routes to Oxford and road surfaces
  • Planning: Local control over housing developments
  • Welfare: Centres to support children and the elderly

Email: moc.liamgnull@noswadlasle

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Phone number: 07715823129

“I will work hard to enhance the wellbeing and safety of our villagers.”