Geoff Saul

Geoff SaulGeoff lives in the heart of Chipping Norton and runs a law firm in the town providing legal services to the local community.  As a District Councillor for Chipping Norton since 2013, Geoff has argued for a new local tip, a weight limit for heavy vehicles in Chipping Norton and the protection of services at the Ace Centre, local rural bus services and day centres for older people.  He also successfully proposed approval of Chippy’s Aldi Supermarket.  Geoff will campaign for proper funding of those services that are important to all of us and essential to the most vulnerable members of our society.

Geoff’s priorities for the Chipping Norton and Villages division:

  • Improve road maintenance to reduce potholes
  • Speak up for a new Household Waste and Recycling Centre for this area
  • Protect funding for the ACE Children’s Centre and our elderly day care centres
  • Work for the right housing in the right locations and secure the right infrastructure
  • Build housing on County owned land specifically for young people and key workers

Contact:  ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg  01608 648 022