Laetisia Carter was Witney CLP’s Candidate in the election on 8 June, coming a creditable second to the incumbent MP, Robert Courts.  This is how she described herself and her aims:

“I am proud to be standing as your Labour candidate.  Proud because I live in West Oxfordshire, where I was born, raised and educated.  Proud to stand for the humane, intelligent and inclusive values of the Labour party.  Proud to stand for the many, not the few.

“I am a seasoned campaigner.  As a hardworking district councillor, I get the issues.  I listen to people, and I get things done.  After 13 years working for Thames Valley Police and in the NHS, I know which way is up.  As a mother of two, I understand the struggles local families face.  I have fought against the unthinking Tory cuts to public services – to the fabric of our lives in West Oxfordshire.  In particular, I have fought against the closures of children’s centres across the constituency.

“As your MP I will battle to reverse damaging cuts across the NHS.  I will battle cuts in our school budgets and teacher numbers.  I will battle for funding to repair our roads, which are a shameful disgrace.  I will battle for properly funded police services as crime becomes ever more complex.

“And Brexit looms.  We must get a good deal.  We must maintain our close security and trading relationships with Europe.  Not for the 48% or the 52% but for everyone.  Labour can do this.

“I have an open, collaborative approach to problem solving.  I get things done as a result.  I will be a passionate, energetic, dedicated MP – a strong, tenacious West Oxfordshire voice.”

Laetisia introduces herself further in this short video:

Laetisia took part in a debate on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme on 14 May – watch it on YouTube here.

And later she tweeted this reaction from one of the voters who took part: