Get Involved

There are plenty of ways to support the Labour Party in Witney and West Oxfordshire.  We are a busy team of volunteers, councilors and supporters across the borough.


Perhaps you could help deliver some newsletters or leaflets?  Or help out with a street stall or coffee morning?  Or is knocking on doors speaking to people more your thing?  We regularly go out meeting residents, campaigning and talking about local and national concerns.  So, even if you haven’t much time to spare, there will be something to suit your interests.

Become a member

If you are interested in joining the Labour Party, please click here or call the national Labour Party membership hotline on 08705 900200. Joining can cost as little as £2 per month.
Donate to Labour - Join the fight for Britain’s future.

Local Meetings and Events

We also have regular local branch and meetings across Witney and West Oxfordshire.  These are an opportunity for local supporters to get together to discuss ideas, hear from our local councillors and talk about national and local issues.

Contact us

If you would like to get involved, please click here to send an email or call 07811 930523 for a chat about how you could help.

You can also email your local Labour district councillors directly – see Your Councillors for contact details

Witney CLP Chair is Chris Johnson: moc.tenretnitbnull@1203enajdnasirhc