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West Oxfordshire District Council currently has over 2000 applicants bidding on available properties in West Oxfordshire. In the year since October 2016 we have housed just 402. There is an acute shortage of affordable housing in the District which needs urgent attention.

5 Things West Oxfordshire Labour Will Do

Download our Manifesto to see all of our pledges on Housing & Planning.

Use Council reserves to directly deliver construction and maintenance services that can guarantee high quality council housing, or facilitating Housing Associations to do so, with secure lifetime tenancies and genuinely affordable rent (i.e. social rent at between 50% to 60% of market rents).

Ensure a sustainable means of meeting our local housing need by retaining ownership and control of available public land. 

Prioritise the providing of homes at social rents and to cease disposing or transferring of public land, council estates and commercial property for the benefit of private-sector housing and investment opportunities for the few. 

Require at least 1:1 replacement, within the same neighbourhood of Housing Association homes sold under right to buy or otherwise.

Prioritise brownfield sites for the building of new homes. 

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