Repair & Maintain Our Failing Road Network

As the planning authority, and with capability and knowledge of the local area, West Oxfordshire District has the ability to make our roads better. But in the last eight years they have got worse; much worse. Latest estimates show around a £30 million backlog in urgent maintenance in West Oxfordshire alone! Residents are paying the price in vehicle damage and accidents.

What West Oxfordshire Labour Will Do

By working together with the County Council, the highways authority, using powers which are already in use in Oxford City, we can target resources at the most urgent fixes and guide a better use of scarce resources.

Set up a joint working approach to fixing our roads.

Target work at the most urgent areas more effectively.

Cut road damage and traffic problems by closer monitoring and better oversight of utility company digs.

Use planning powers to ensure a joined-up approach to building new roads and renewing existing roads.

Prioritise footpaths and cycle ways to keep users safe.
Tag all essential roadworks to be paid for by landowners and developers. 

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