Sustainable West Oxfordshire

Our Conservative councils are too unambitious for our communities. They can provide an inspiring lead to make sure that our district is not just fairer and better in the short term, but is contributing to a sustainable world and healthier communities now and in future. We want to hand on our world in a better state than when we inherited it. That’s why we need urgent action and our Council can lead.

What West Oxfordshire Labour Will do

Establishing a way to measure our carbon footprint, with targets to reduce it to zero by 2028. Our beautiful trees and countryside contribute on the plus side, and our human activity on the minus, and we need to champion more plusses!

Regulations about solar cells on new housing, with enhanced standards of insulation.

Increase the number of electric / hybrid vehicles by accelerating council provided charging points, with all council vehicles to conform, and public transport contracts to include this requirement

Explore a 1 – 5 star framework of assessment for local firms to show their carbon footprint – with rate rebates for those scoring highly.

End the sale and use of single-use plastics, including straws, cosmetics, packaging and unrecyclable materials by persuading and giving incentives one home and one business at a time.

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