Latest on NHS campaign

This Saturday Chipping Norton Labour Party will return their campaigning focus back onto defending local NHS services.  We support the CN Hospital Action Group.

Our three demands on the petition to Oxon CCG initiated by Cllr Geoff Saul are:-

  • Keep open the Maternity Unit at Chipping Norton Hospital
  • Retain A&E and Obstetric Services at the Horton General Hospital
  • Return the 14 Intermediate Care beds and nurses at Chipping Norton Hospital to the NHS

Cllr Geoff Saul will lead campaigners to:-

  • continue to collect signatures on the petition
  • give out the Labour Party national NHS leaflet
  • engage with residents to get them to vote for Geoff on 4 May and encourage supporters to actively join in Geoff’s campaign to Save Maternity and other services at Chipping Norton Hospital and the Horton General in Banbury.

The campaign stall will run as usual from set-up at 09.00 to 12.30 with a group photo call with Geoff and as many members and supporters as possible at 11.30 am.

We are liaising with UNISON Oxon Health Services Branch to approach their members living in the Chipping Norton and Villages Division ‎to encourage them to come and join us – some are Labour Party members or supporters who want to help Geoff in his campaign to save NHS services in the area.

Geoff will be joined by UNISON Oxon Health NHS Foundation Trust Convenor, Sharon Akers.  Sharon is a clinical nurse specialist who lives in Chipping Norton and is supporting Cllr Saul in his bid to become County Councillor for the Chipping Norton Division.

For further information please contact:- Geoff Saul 01608 648022 or at ku.oc.luasyeldarbnull@sg or Steve Akers 07903 870695