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Elect Rosa Bolger for
Witney East

I made the decision to stand for district council because I want to be the voice to represent the community we live in. As the mother of two young children, I know the struggles of everyday life are real! Whether it's making sure there is enough left at the end of the month to pay the bills, the morning challenge of getting children to school and nursery on time or just being able to see a doctor without a long wait.

Most of us in Witney know that house prices are astronomical, leaving young families with little hope of getting onto the housing ladder. Even renting suitable property can be beyond the reach of many. That’s why I’m calling on West Oxfordshire District Council to use some of the £90million it has in reserves to build councilprovided housing. The  Labour Party locally has collected the largest ever petition in West Oxfordshire on this and when I presented it to the Council I made it clear that our community has used their voice loud and clear. Now it is the responsibility of the District Council to think creatively about how to use the reserves they have to better the lives of those they're elected to

represent. This issue is pressing, vital and affects all. Our community is asking for safe, secure, affordable housing - and I’m going to make sure they get it!

* Representing you all year round I will listen to you, work for you and be your

voice on the District Council twelve months a year, and not just at election time.

* Protecting our local servicesWith local Councils facing unprecedented cuts

from the Conservative Government's austerity, a Labour voice standing up for our

precious local services is more vital than ever.

* Protecting your housingWith residents facing astronomical house prices in Witney, I will be a champion for affordable, safe and secure housing for all.

* Supporting community reneweable energy schemes With action needed on air pollution in Witney, I will work to protect our environment, making our town a safer place for all of us to live.

* Working together across the CountyYour Labour councillors will work together

across all levels of government to ensure that residents are always put first.

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