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Elect Owen Collins for Witney South

I was born and raised in Witney and am passionate about helping our town achieve its full potential. 

Politics is about taking part.  I want to encourage a new generation of young people to become involved in local decision making.

* Representing you, all year round. I will listen to you, work for you and be your voice on the District Council twelve months a year - not just for election time.

* Protecting our local services. With local councils facing unprecedented cuts from the Conservative Government's austerity, a Labour voice standing up for our precious local services is more vital than ever.

* Standing up for young people in Witney. For too long, young peope have ignored local politics, because local politicians have ignored young people. I will speak up for them, and bring their voice into decision-making.

* More cultural opportunities for our town. It's a crying shame that a town of Witney's size doesn't offer more culturally. I will campaign for a more creative Witney, bringing currently under-used spaces to their full potential.

* Working together, accross the county.  With services divided between Town, District and County Councils your Labour councillors will work together accross all levels of government to ensure that residents are always put first,

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