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Elect David Baldwin for Woodstock and Bladon

I live in Stonesfield, having lived in the area for nearly twelve years. I am the primary child carer to my young children and work part time as a Health and Safety Officer.

I have a wide range of work experience, having spent 10 years in retail management before moving into gardening and later tree work. 

I have previously served as a Parish Councillor, and am committed to the role that local government has to play in improving the lives of communities.

I am a strong believer in life-long education, continuing to study technical skills to improve his ability in and appreciation of the natural world. Outside work I have been involved on a voluntary basis for Combe Mill Society as a conservation and education volunteer.

I am committed to protecting the natural environment, providing homes where they need to be built and supporting local people in exercising their rights to protect and improve their lives and families.

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